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Deep End is dedicated to providing acting, directing, writing, and technical opportunities for students who are not involved in theatre department productions. Past productions include: "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare, "In Black," "Cathedral and Viewfinder" based on short stories by Raymond Carver adapted by David James Peterjohn, "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" by Robert Louis Stevenson, "Olleana" by David Mamet, "Waiting...," an original composition by St. Olaf students Bob Kelly and Kelly Pomeroy as well as many student-written shows and musical revues. All productions are completely student run and all St. Olaf students are welcome to attend meetings and audition/apply for any position.

APO is a student-run theater honor society offering its services to the St. Olaf, Northfield, and surrounding communities as a means of expressing thoughts about relevant issues and topics. Recent APO activities include the Haugen Prom, educational skits, productions dealing with emotional and physical issues, and creating and sharing theater with children and young adults. APO works in conjunction with Deep End to produce student shows within the St. Olaf and Northfield communities.

Permalink Photo of Clara Kundin and Andrew Mehegan in Creditors taken by Nathan Bishop for the Manitou Messenger

Deep End APO stages stirring ‘Creditors’

A wonderful article in St. Olaf’s very own Manitou Messenger written by Martin Santangelo.

The first theatrical production of the new school year, August Strindberg’s play “Creditors,” is the convoluted tale of a volatile love triangle produced by Deep End APO and directed by Sam Fiorillo ‘11.  It ran Sept. 13 through Sept. 15 and starred stage veterans Andrew Mehegan ‘11 as Gustav, Clara Kundin ‘12 as Tekla and Jason Andrews ‘12 as Adolf.

Amid a time of year customarily devoted to the excitement of beginning life on campus again, the play’s somber intensity and the actors’ gripping execution was a shocking dive into the maelstrom of creativity and perfection for which St. Olaf is known. 

Despite the small company’s claim that they were simply trying to keep busy over the theater-dry summer months, “Creditors” was a far cry from being a hastily drawn-together production. Chalk it up to the famous Minnesotan humility.

The play was performed on the floor of the Pause Mane Stage, and the audience was immediately tipped off that they were in for a unique experience. The set was minimalist and surrounded on all sides by folding chairs.

As the small crowd shuffled into the square arrangement that could hold less than 50 people, audience members had to decide where to sit, determining his or her view of the show. It was unnerving to be blocked from a character’s face while they spoke, or to hear a scuffle out of your line of sight. The tight quarters created an atmosphere of tension and intimacy that continued to build throughout.

The plot revolved around the interplay and emotional ties between two men and the woman with whom they both have irrevocable romantic connections. The play took turns examining the dynamic between each pair, very rarely having all the characters on stage at once.

Only through small hints in their dialogue did the viewer learn anything about the characters: who they are, how they came to this place and why their exchange is at once filial and hostile. The questions raised in the first 10 minutes remain largely unanswered until the play’s finale, allowing audience speculation.

"Creditors’" rather unpalatable climax showed ample display of each character’s beauty and ugliness. All three were at times admirable, petty, disgusting, charismatic and vulnerable. The play shows Tekla’s divided love and the feuding ambitions of the others in an uncompromising light, which the actors handled aptly.

Andrews conveyed the building suspicion and defiant hope of a near invalid with a wife of questionable loyalty while Kundin switched from cute and seductive to vicious within the same breath. Mehegan, whose voice both ushered in the play and sent it out, handled the character of Gustav with subtle venom, managing stiff formalism and layering it with a menacing strength and distant honesty. 

"Creditors" was a stirring show, hardly befitting the modesty with which the cast and crew prefaced it. From its opening banter to the final line, the show kept the audience guessing, thinking and attempting to make sense of the characters.

The script would be impressive for a professional company to perform, and to know that thespians here regard it as an odd summer project has me looking forward to this year’s future productions of St. Olaf’s theatre department.


Meeting 9/20

What an exciting meeting. Good grief we did so much. Recap!

1. Played a super awesome game of ninja. If you missed it, be sad.

2. We have a website! Oh wait, you’re on it! We also have a fb page so check that out. Just search deep end apo.

3. A new points system! Email Eli Reding within 2 weeks of doing an activity to have it count for points so you can become an official member of APO!

4. The ‘making it in the arts’ conference is Oct 9. Talk to Kari Nelson for more info on how to sign up.

5. We’re gonna sing at Three Links. Pick out your favorite old school broadway tune, and belt it out. Contact Kelsey Hall for the details, yo. Need a song? Ask Francine Boylan for help because she’s slick like that.

6. The Northfield library wants us to haunt its house! Help out Mondays Oct 11, 18, and 25 from 5-8pm, and then perform Oct 30 from 7-9pm. Did I mention that the theme is a haunted insane asylum? Sounds pretty scary/badass. Again, contact Kelsey Hall for all the info.

7. Contact Eli Reding if you have a play for us to read. We’ll get you some actors! Also, talk to Jeanne Hatle in the theatre office about getting involved with the Playwright’s Center.

8. Finally, get your tickets for Violet! Check out the theatre department website to get that taken care of.


First Meeting 9/13

We had an incredibly successful first meeting of the year. Many new faces as many returning members. Here’s what went down:

1. Introduction of the board

  • Hattie Andres & Kari Nelson - coprez
  • Clara Kundin - secretary
  • Rachel Saliares - publicity
  • Eli Reding - points
  • Jay Petersen - treasurer
  • Kelsey Hall - project manager

2. We talked about upcoming projects for the year

  • Co-sponsorships with other organizations including GLOW and KSTO
  • A freshman showcase
  • Trips to ARTECH
  • Creditors (happening now)
  • And much more!

3. Talk to any of us if you want to get involved! We’d love to start getting applications for shows.

Permalink Poster for the production of August Strindberg’s Creditors, a show directed by Sam Fiorillo and starring Clara Kundin, Jason Andrews, Andrew Mehegan.
Permalink Poster featuring the entire 2010 cast of IN BLACK, a student-created show that performs annually.
Permalink A poster featuring the 2010 men of IN BLACK, a student-created show that performs annually.
Permalink One of the posters featuring the 2010 women of IN BLACK, a student created show that performs annually.
Permalink Poster from 2009 production produced entirely by freshman! Directed by and starring Matt Hoy, Ryan Evans, and Jason Andrews.