Deep End APO

Deep End is dedicated to providing acting, directing, writing, and technical opportunities for students who are not involved in theatre department productions. Past productions include: "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare, "In Black," "Cathedral and Viewfinder" based on short stories by Raymond Carver adapted by David James Peterjohn, "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" by Robert Louis Stevenson, "Olleana" by David Mamet, "Waiting...," an original composition by St. Olaf students Bob Kelly and Kelly Pomeroy as well as many student-written shows and musical revues. All productions are completely student run and all St. Olaf students are welcome to attend meetings and audition/apply for any position.

APO is a student-run theater honor society offering its services to the St. Olaf, Northfield, and surrounding communities as a means of expressing thoughts about relevant issues and topics. Recent APO activities include the Haugen Prom, educational skits, productions dealing with emotional and physical issues, and creating and sharing theater with children and young adults. APO works in conjunction with Deep End to produce student shows within the St. Olaf and Northfield communities.

Meeting 10/4

Great outdoor meeting on a beautiful day!

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